Payment methods

Playing in online casinos has become a very popular past time for many people. The thrill of betting, hitting the start button, and watching your winnings increase is both exciting and entertaining. For those who wish to bet on their game playing skill, there are a few different ways to make and receive payments.

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Credit Cards

It is important to check with each casino site to see which types of credit cards they accept for payments. For those sites that do accept your type of card, using it to complete transactions is fast and easy. It is as simple as entering the numbers from the front and back of the card on the site where they request this information. You will also need to put in the expiration date of the card.

Bank Transfers

Often online casinos will offer this option to players. Simply enter the proper information such as the bank name and account numbers where necessary. This will include the player’s bank routing number. This is the first set of numbers on the bottom of your checks. Next is the account number of the checking account. One disadvantage of this option is that it often takes a few days to as much as a week for the initial set up of this process.


This online bank transferring system is a secure way to send money over the internet. This pay service will transfer your requested amount of money to your casino account on demand. This service is secure and offers quick transfers of money to any desired account. The use of this payment type is available to anyone who goes to the site and enters their personal information. There is a slight delay after the initial setting up of this account.


This service offers players the convenience to use a secure card to make purchases both in person and online. They offer pre-paid cards that have no monthly fees but do carry a one time low-cost activation fee. Signing up for this service is free. An advantage of using this service is that you can use this card at ATM’s and other retailers offline.


This highly secure money transferring system is able to complete your financial transactions anywhere on any device. This system keeps their customer’s transactions completely hidden and secure from criminals. They also offer pre-paid cards and immediate transactions. Signing up on this site is free.

When it comes to getting your game on, using one of these secure methods of transferring your money is your best bet. Using a secure method of payment will leave you worry free and able to fully enjoy your gaming experience while your finances are kept secure.